The Single Seed Center For Genetics

The Single Seed Center For Genetics

I created this website because i wanted to help people acquire world famous High THC Cannabis Strains from a single seed center.  I have searched for years for strains meeting seedy people, and wasting tons of money on terrible female cannabis seeds.

As A result I found that having the correct cannabis strain is 90 percent of a satisfying successfully finished product that includes the following prerequisites.

  • Proud to show off to friends is #1
  • Fool Proof dry and cure
  • Very Little trimming needed
  • Over 25% THC
  • Breeds Elite
  • Famous Name For Marketability

The Girl Scout Cookies seeds i have are for breeders or people that want guaranteed keeper clones for production Yield or personal head stash.

I have found best cannabis seeds to be better than clones in every way.  However you take a risk with most marijuana seed companies that do not have the correct genetics but have a big name and do not need to worry about quality.

If you buy from you are guaranteed the following.

  • Guaranteed Keeper Cannabis Clones in every Pack
  • Every  question answered
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • This is a Hobby for me, I do not need the money so you can trust this is legitimate.
  • No wasted time on bunk untested polyhybrids

I have spent years of time and thousands of dollars on this passion of mine.  As A result i have Elite World Famous Clone only Genetics for sale. I would like to be your single seed center for a small donation to keep everyone honest.

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds for sale below.

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