Male Cannabis Selection

Male Cannabis Selection

During the Male Cannabis Selection process I had an idea in mind of the perfect male specimen.  I had listened to countless hours of podcasts.  I Read post after post and every breeder basically agreed on the following.

  • Early flowering males are bad
  • really tall and lanky are bad
  • Stem rub smell?  But how to judge
  • Looks kind of like the target female
  • Produces copious amounts of pollen
  • Doesn’t auto flower
  • Lots more and boy does that get confusing

The crazy thing is I never believed what these breeders said was real info   I figured they just went with there gut feeling.  So to my surprise the following events is how the male found me.

10 seeds made it.

  • I sorted the plants by size before I tagged them.
  • At 1 month I labeled the plants #1-10 based on close appearance to the Forum Cut Mom.
  • Of the 10 only the #1  had an outrageous stem rub smell.   Funky funk funk
  • The plant Labeled #1 was a female looking, Christmas tree shaped picture perfect specimen.
  • #1 looked exactly like the forum cut Mom growing next to it.
  • This #1 Plant was in a different league.  Weird to see

Either way male or female I knew am getting a keeper out of this pack of Archive Seed Bank Samoa’s (Forum Cut x Face off OG BX 1).

I waited for a few weeks before the pre-flowers showed me  that the Plant labeled #1 was in fact a ……..

Male plant. Holy crap I actually got lucky for once.

The forum cut is unbelievable and I did all this just to preserve a piece of her.

So I now have this beautiful Male cannabis plant that looks just like the forum cut, but the stem rub will get your hands funky and all the others smell minty fresh herby.

Him bad ass

But does it throw pollen?