Get Cannabis Seed To Sprout

Get Cannabis Seed To Sprout

Seed Sprouting Goal

  • Cannabis seeds are expensive.  Every seed is worth $10 or more just to purchase them.
  • Every seed counts, if a seed wilts or doesn’t pop your chance for elite does also.
  • Each seed has potential do not waste your potential future clone only strain.
  • The beginning root structure sets the stage for fast flowering production
  • It is most important to develop a seed germinating routine that works.
  • Planting weed seeds is easy, cloning is way harder but you can always take another cut, once a seed is gone its gone.
  • Keep reading to learn fool proof way how to sprout my Cookie seeds.

Tools Needed

  1. Small 4 inch pots, the pots you get vegetable starts in at your local gardening store.
  2. Low Nutrient Potting Soil – Happy frog, peat, or coco mix. are great examples.
  3. Rapid Rooter, or Root Riots.  Jiffy peat pellets work but not near as good.
  4. Plant Identification tags, keeping your seedlings identified is super important for genetic preservation.
  5. Heat mat and seedling tray with a thermostat to control it.
  6. Spray Bottle or watering can to keep moist

Different Germination Methods

Germinating seeds in soil

  • Need ground to be warm, Northern climates should start indoors or after frost.  Cold wet conditions cause disease and death.

Shot Glass germination

  • Same problems as paper towel method.

Paper towel method of starting seeds

  • Germinating seeds paper towel is as old as the word reefer.  This method has killed many elite genetics.
  • info. Hemp towels are not needed any paper towel will do. The seedling toilet paper method has been around for a long time and many elite genetics have been lost due this outdated practice.

Soaking Seeds before planting

Jiffy Pete pellets

  • These work but can cause seeds to soften and die.  Bacteria attacks.

 Compressed starter cubes

  • Root Riot, rapid rooters – Preferred Method

Best Seed Sprouting Method – RECOMMENDED

Rapid Rooters make sprouting seeds a fool proof method.  I will explain each step below in easy to follow directions.  Never lose a valuable cannabis seed again.

  1.  Rapid Rooters are my preferred method of seed germinating
  2. 4 inch starter Pots filled with potting soil with the Rapid Rooter buried in the soil.
  3. Spread the Rapid Rooter apart, so you may drop the seed in.
  4. Do not push into the hole.  This is not a huge deal but we are going for fool proof.
  5. Because of how a seed grows you want the pointy end of the seed to point down, so it releases the shell when it pushes out of your seed hole.
  6. Seeds not germinating are usually due to low temperatures.  Life needs warmth to thrive.

How Many Seeds to Plant

  • My seed germination tests have show 90% of all seeds are germinating.
  • Testing all shows a 50/50 percentage of male to female.
  • SO with this seed germination data points we need
  • 10 seeds  with  90% germination = 9 viable cannabis planst
  • 9 plants with 50% male = 4.5 male plants
  • 9 plants with 50% FEMALE = 4.5 Female Plants
  • My Data shows you get 4 females out of every 10 cannabis seeds you germinate.
  • PLan Accordingly.

How long does germination take.

  • Sprouting Marijuana seeds take 7 days in perfect conditions.
  • If it is cold (below 70) it will take those same seeds 14 days. Risking dampening off.
  • Perfect conditions are warm (75) and wet consistently.

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