Thin Mint Strain

Thin Mint Strain

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Yield high

potency medium

8 weeks or 10 for more purple

Thai type high with cookie flavor

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Thin Mint Strain of Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

I made the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Seeds because the original Mint Weed strain stood out for numerous reasons.

  • Vigorous root system
  • Highest Bug Resistance Found
  • Mold & Mildew resistant
  • Great Breeding Stock
  • Thin Leaf Thai type Happy energetic High
  • Very bushy/ No topping advised
  • Clones easily
  • Likes to be Fed but will grow with water only
  • Turns Purple with different shades blue
  • Bushy thin leaf growth structure

This Cookie Strain has stood the test of time but it has not aged well.

The original Clone of this Cookie Cut has lost some potency so as a result I tried to raise the THC content by breeding with my Samoa Cookies Male Stud.

The result of breeding an OG dominant Male with the Thin Mint strain is the perfect match to bring the Thin Mints cookie back to life.

I expect to see amazing clone only strains coming out of these seeds.  You only need look at the Popular Thin Mint Strains that have resulted from this combination.




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