Forum Cookies Seeds

Forum Cookies Seeds

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FORUM CUT BX1 – 20 SEEDS for $60

THC % = 20% – 25%

FLOWERING TIME = 9 weeks (Everytime)


AROMA = Pungent Sourdough, Fruity Notes

FLAVOR = Spicy, Fruity, Perfume, Sweet

GROWTH HABIT = Slow veg, Fast flower, Low Nutrient Needs, Stretches 2.5 its Size after flip to flower.

PHYSICAL MARKERS = Long Stems, Super Dense Buds, Green And Blue Tint, Very Greasy

BREEDING STOCK = Elite Breeding Stock, Very Stable, Little Variation


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Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

These BX Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies Seeds are your chance to experience a legend.

Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut History

The Forum Cut cookie clone is the original Girl Scout Cookies variety.  It was first made famous on cannabis forums such as icmag and thcfarmer where it was traded around to members.  This was the first documented Girl Scout Cookies strain on the forums and it was a very impressive picture taker.  It became so popular people called it the “Forum Cut” Cookies and was forever cataloged into the cannabis strain hall of fame.  It is this reason I am trying to preserve and share this amazing cannabis strain by making Canabis Seeds USA style that anyone can grow and have a piece of history with Cannabis Seeds California genetics.


My Take on The Real Girl Scout Cookie Strains Story

The Story of the Origin of the true Girl Scout Cookies has been well documented on the web in various articles claiming Cookie Fam and Jigga created this strain from F1 Durban crossed to an unkown OG clone.  The real girl scout cookies clone is said to be held by only the cookie family and never let out.  This may be true but at this point it doesn’t really matter.  I have not seen any clone, strain or seed that beats the Forum Cut GSC unless it came from the Forum, OGKB, OG Kush, Purple Urkle and Chemdog.

There was another Cookie strain that was pivotal in the story of GSC.  The rapper Berner was said to have a strain of Girl Scout Cookies that was perfect for the black market where you could command thousands of dollars per pound.  The real Girl Scout Cookies strain did not produce enough weight to be used for production growing.  This variation of GSC was so good and produced so well you could say this special cookie cultivar made Berner famous or maybe Berner made Cookies famous?  I have decided this Cookie cut is good enough to make seeds of and have made them with my special Male and have them for sale here Berner Cookie Seeds.

Another famous elite clone only strain that I found worthy of preservation is Candyland by Ken Estes of Grand Daddy Purps fame.  The Candyland strain is a mix of Granddaddy Purple x Bay Area Platinum Girl Scout Cookies.  I received this Candylandy Clone from a medical grower in Portland, OR.  They claimed this was their prize specimen and even had a website at one point but I can’t find it, been too long i guess.  It was definitely made from elite clone only stock. The clone of Candyland I chose had a aroma of dirty socks when jarred, Fruity pebbles when squeezed  and tasted just like earthy soil.  The nuggets were a lighter green golden color and were the most knock out potent THC filled golf balls up and down the stem.  I had to keep a copy of this one

Finally the most misunderstood Girl Scout Cookies Cut is The Thin Mint Cookiess strain.  People have called this the real Girl Scout Cookies and I have to say it has the best cookie flavor but its genetics are more land race than the other GSC clones I have grown.   I have seen tons of  Thin Mint Cookie pictures from around the web and they all look different.  No one knows what cookie they have because you have to grow them all to understand.  The Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Seeds I made came from a very pest resistant, early finishing, very thin leaf plant that has a very psychedelic old school effect.  Most Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies clones have lost their potency due to age, some clones just do not hold their potency.  So buying Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Seeds is really the only way to get that High THC Girl Scout Cookie strain back.

The most well know and unadulterated girl scout cookies strain from California is the Forum Cut.  Therefore if you want the best Girl Scout Cookies Seeds then you must start with verified genetics that have market recognition and historical relevancy.

Just Look at this forum cookies video to see the difference genetics make.

I have grown and bred with dozens of Girl Scout Cookies strains from all over California, Oregon and Washington.  I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time searching for the real Girl Scout Cookies seeds and clones to breed with.

The Forum Cut Cookies clone I received from California Cost $1000.  It was immediately apparent this GSC clone was completely different from any other plant I had grown or smoked in my whole life.  I have since tried Girl Scout Cookies seeds and flower from many sources and there is nothing I have found that compares.

The uniqueness of This forum Cut cookies strain is undebatable.  Matt Riot from Riot Seeds stated on The Pot Cast Interview that he considers the Forum Cut Cookies the Original GSC Strain.  There is no other strain in existence that looks, tastes, grows or breeds like the Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookie does.

What To Expect When Growing, Breeding, and Medicating with Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies Seeds.

Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies Seed Start

  1.  These are Regular Sex Seeds, They are NOT FEMINIZED.
  2.  50/50 Percentage of Male To Female.
  3. 30 days from seed sprout start looking for signs of male or female sex.
  4. Males will have a shaft then flower cluster
  5. Females will be tear drop shaped with a hair sticking out of the little end.
  6. Do not worry about pollinating your crop accidentally,  you will see the difference very clearly every passing day.
  7. The males will grow sparse and tall usually, you will see the male flower about a week before the female pistils are visible.
  8. Pollen is easily killed with water if a male gets missed.
  9. It is more way more difficult than most people believe to make a fully seeded cannabis plant.
  10. Most new growers worry too much about seeded bud, it is not as easy as believed to fully seed a bud.
  11. You should be happy to have a few seeds because this plant breeds amazing but you do have to be careful or you will have hundreds.

Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookie Seeds Vegetative Stage

  1. Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies seeds grows moderately in vegetation.
  2. Low Level nutrients (700 ppm) are preferred by this strain of Cookies.  Very High Nutrients will produce super green thick leaves and stunt growth but you will not even know it.
  3. GSC strains in general do not produce huge yields so a SCROG is the best yield producing growing method i have found. These cookie Seeds Can produce huge yields if SOG or SCROG.
  4. These seeds have the distinct Forum Cut characteristic of super long leaf stems with perfect hybrid mix of leaf shape.  They are not thin leaf and not fat leaves but perfect mix!
  5. Stems will turn Purple easily if even 1 or 2 feedings are missed, organic no till growing will keep stems green longer because it is hard to miss a feeding when microbes do the feeding.
  6. Finally, Since these cannabis seeds stretch about 2.5 times in flower, it is recommended to grow them about half as tall as your growing area and you will end up at the perfect height.

Forum Cookies Seeds Flowering Stage

Week 1

  • During the first week of flower give the Forum Cookies veg nutrients at a slightly elevated strength. If you measure PPM then use 800 ppm of vegetative nutrients.  If you are organic disregard.

Week 2

  • Start of WEEK 2- give 800 PPM of Bloom Nutrients.  I only used the base nutrients for testing and everything came out AMAZING.  No special additives needed, can it really get better?Expect 2 weeks of Vegetative growth before first sign of flower buds start showing their pistils.
Weeks 3-5
  • Plants will be at their most demanding for steady nutrients, let 10 percent or more drain off the pots to keep ppm from getting to high in your pots.
  • You will see rapid growth of buds and pistils, if you miss a feeding during this time you will never reach the full potential of potency and yield.
  • Stems will purple during this time if you are not perfect on your feeding but this is not a big deal, do not let this worry you.
  • Keep giving 800 ppm of bloom nutrient, these plants can do well with anything between 600-1200 ppm of nutrients.  These are the easiest girl scout cookie seeds i have grown.
  • This is the MOST IMPORTANT time for the quality of the finished product.  Do not miss a feeding or better yet, go organic, these old strains do not need high levels of nutrients.
Week 6
  • The bulk of the fibrous plant material has been grown by the end of week 6.  Plants will be leaning or falling over from the greasy, heavy flowers.
  • The Potency, Flavor and Ash Color are what to be concerned about during this week.
  • Lower PPM during week 6 as i have found old elite genetics such as cookies will not finish properly with high PPM.  They will keep producing pistils if fed too much.
  • Higher PPM will cause most genetics to go back to week 3 and start producing new growth with no potency or oils,  so keep lowering PPM’s till flush.
Week 7
  • It will look like nothing is happening during week 7 but Potency and Flavor are what are at stake during this week.
  • If you have fed lightly and perfectly then there is no need to “Flush” your plants, your plants should have received the correct amount with out any excess.
  • It is near impossible to play plant god and feed perfectly, Flush your plants and collect the run off from the bottom of container.
  • If your run off from the bottom of the pot is above 400 PPM you need to keep running low ppm water through your pots until the run off  is less than 400 ppm.
  • You will see the calyx swell and the trichromes will start to be more visible due to clouding and maturing of your potency glands (trichromes).
Week 8
  • During week 8, day 59-56, you will see very little physical change but the smell will be overpowering.
  • I would flush with less than 100 ppm water for the rest of the grow.  Let the plant consume itself.
  • I would still give a slight nutrient charge of less than 100 ppm, the plant will have less shock and the flush it actually better with a little bit of salt to help grab other salts.
  • Try not to over water during the rest of the grow, flowering cannabis plants use very little water during these last weeks of life.
Week 9
  • This week is all about getting prepared to harvest.  At 63 days this variety of cookies seeds should be at its peak ripeness and ready to go to drying.
  • Start Letting your growing media dry out, you do not want a super soggy saturated flower.  You will need to remove all that moisture during drying.
  • Check your trichomes for cloudiness.  I like to see really cloudy trichomes with very few amber.
  • Clear Trichomes means short lasting racy effects.
  • Super Cloudy Trichomes equals perfection.
  • Amber Trichomes means oxidation of cannabinoids, and likely more sedative effects, headaches and less THC and more CBN.

  Drying and Hanging

  • My own experiments suggest that leaving plants in Full Darkness for a extra week makes plants more impressive.  It seems to magnify oils, and aromas.  BUT WHO KNOWS.
  • Dry at Temperatures between 60-70 degrees.  Anything over 70 degrees and plants will start to decompose. If you stay under 60 degrees plants will not dry enough and could mold.
  • Humidity must be no more than 60 degrees and no less than 40.
  • Over 60 degrees Humidity and plants will not dry  fast enough and can cause mold and bad smells that will never go away.
  • Under 40 degrees and plants will dry faster than natural processes can handle and will cause a hay smell and moisture trapped inside and can be hard to bring out properly causing bad cure.
  • If you can keep your room at 70 degrees and 50 % humidity you will need to hang for a week probably before you can start closing up your flower to draw out the inner moisture.
  • Once you can squeeze a flower bud and it slowly returns to its original shape then it is time to severly slow down the drying process and start the “CURE” stage.


  • Curing is really just drying slowly to let natural processes happen at the optimal water content.
  • You need some moisture to start curing, if you dry too long or too much then the natural chemical breakdowns can not happen and  you can not restart them with added moisture.
  • Before you start the curing process you will want the flower to feel dry to the touch but slow to regain its shape when squished between 2 fingers.
  • The flower needs to feel dry when added to the jar.
  • After an hour open the jar and your bud should be wetter feeling then it went in.
  • If your flower is wet leave the jar open until it feels dry again then add back to the jar and repeat.
  • You want this to be as slow as possible with out spoiling.
  • This should ideally take a week and during that time the flower might smell funny but that is why you burp to get rid of the chemical reactions that create this smell.
  • Treat this time very carefully.  Crops are made or lost during this step.
  • Once the flower stops getting wet after being closed up in a jar and your bud feels spongy (regains its shape after a squeeze) then you are safe to burp way less often.
  • This is an art not a science, environment is huge and everyone struggles with this part.


  • Forum Cut Cookies is EASY TO TRIM so it is perfect for the novice grower.
  • The Forum Cookies Strain takes the best pictures for showing off on Instagram.
  • Forum Cut BX1 Girl Scout Cookies seeds are very GREASY and so as a result it is impossible FOR A BAD CURE. !



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Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

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