Candyland Seeds

Candyland Seeds

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Yield- medium

Potency-Very High

20 seeds

Low stock …. it didn’t like being pregnant

Taste/Smell=earthy/ funky sweet

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There are no known original Candyland seeds left, therefore this is my effort to preserve the original.  I used my stud Samoa male to make these seeds.

Candyland was developed by Ken Estes from Granddaddy Purps fame.   Ken has his name attached to many award winning cannabis strains.  Some have even won the Cannabis Cup.

This CandyLand strain is said to be a cross of Platinum cookies x Granddaddy purple.  I have never grown the Platinum Cookies but I did grow the Granddaddy Purple and it did amazing outdoors in the Portland, Oregon Region.  As you know growing outdoors in the northwest is very difficult.

I received this particularly selected pheno from a farm in southern Oregon.  The pots had a sticker with the farms name on the side but I cant remember the name.   I happened to walk in to a dispensary and they had one little rack of clones.  There were only a few clones available all Candyland so  I snatched them all up.  I wasn’t expecting much because most of the clones I found in dispensaries were pretty good but nothing “special”.

Well This One Was Special

  • grows a lot of nodes and has a lot of leaves.
  • Makes beautiful golf ball nuggets by the end.
  • Soothing light colored green with frost coated buds.
  • trimming looks hard but it is more medium
  • Has funky, earthy then sweet tarts taste on exhale.
  • needs stakes/ good yielder
  • Couch lock effect
  • But most importantly this thing is Very Potent.

I did not get very many seeds unfortunately.  Some plants do not breed prolifically I guess.

The differences between these Candyland seeds and my Forum Cut Seeds or Thin Mint Seeds.

  • be potent
  • yield really well.
  • be lemon/earth
  • lean indica in effects

i will know more if they last long enough.  These seeds will be completely different from my other offerings.  I am exited to see what new cannabis selections i can find.  There is not many of these seeds so I would not hesitate if you are interested.

I will be writing more about this plant and these seeds as I remember stuff.  Since this info is short why don’t you check out this Leafly link to Candyland Strain Info.

Ill be back

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  1. Forumcut

    Email to order. Not many of these were made.

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