Contact & Order Info

The Best Way to Order Cannabis Seeds Worldwide

  1.  Read about all the Girl Scout Cookies Strains and chose what effect you want.
  2. Check prices for each of the Seed Packs.  Some are $60 and some are $40.  
  3. I also Offer $3 a seed for a mixed variety.  So 20 seeds mixed is $60.
  4. Email or or with the quantity and type of marijuana seeds needed.
  5. I do all of the growing, Breeding, Web Design, Packaging, etc.  I do everything so please email me, I am very discreet and would love to help.

General Questions About My Weed Seeds

Please do not hesitate to email about any questions related to growing cannabis, breeding marijuana and building grow rooms and greenhouses for cannabis flower production.

You can see my story on Instagram under the Name @experimentalgreenhouse  I will accept your follow!  I also have an Instagram account under the name @forumcut